lover of pie, artist, mischief maker

How do you capture a cloud? A thought? A feeling? I find that with motherhood, my thoughts are harder to hold on to. I hope to do so by using paper and glass. As a painter, I loved to paint things filled with magical realism. Hair isn't just hair. It could be flowing water. Or a whale could be made of wood, much like the ships that used chase it.
The paper drawings allow me to explore these same ideas with shapes and patterns. Check patterns become pants. Stripes form a beard. An old map turns into a dress. The juxtaposition of everyday things become miniature stories.
Moving on to the three dimensional, I aim to capture fleeting moments. By using 1:43 scale and smaller figures, sealed under glass, i hope to draw the viewer in to microcosmic, whimsical tales that hopefully, will resonate. There is a quiet playfulness to these miniature stories. Taken out of context, these characters leave much to the imagination. I hope you enjoy them.

wendy jumping


Wendy Crabb grew up in Northern California and studied photography at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. After graduating, she moved to NYC and worked for Oliphant Studio, painting large-scale backdrops for photographers and fashion shows. In NYC she began to work on her own paintings as well. Then she moved to Los Angeles in 2006 with her husband and had a son. After having her son she started working with miniatures and paper. She believes in pie and making things by hand.